Love is one of the most powerful forces in this world. Together let’s put it into action!

It is with love and around love that we vibrate, exist and communicate!

And all united we can accomplished it!

Love in Action is an event that marks the union of our hearts, to be held in Portugal from May 12-13, 2012.

At the same time, this event marks a new beginning, being the first RIL in Portugal. The Iberian Network of Light (RIL or Rede Ibérica de Luz) was born in 1998 during the first encounter of the groups of new consciousness. RIL’s is open to all persons and groups involved with a powerful and conscious strength to create a culture of peace and contribute to the spiritual unity and conscious growth of the human being and Mother Earth. More information about the RIL is available at ( or


The aim of this initiative is to put love into action in the Iberian Peninsula. How? Interacting heart to heart, connecting with the Mother Earth, meditating, laughing, dancing, singing, exchanging experiences, and ideas, without borders, religions or differences.

In RIL 2012, we will witness “live”.

Let the words turn into action!

The main topics to be addressed in this event are:

1. Communities, new ways of putting love into action;

2. Holistic education and children of the 3rd millennium;

3. Putting love into action through artistic expression: painting, dance, music, meditation, acting, cooking, etc.;

4. Living in the new Earth: the role of Iberia, the 2012 and, the new and (re)active social relations.


We are the only driving force behind this event with no profit interest. Our main mission is to be in it for love and with love. To make this event more diverse all sort of contributions are welcome: ideas, free participation with lectures and round tables, meditations, experiences, promotion of the event, computer work, cash donations (through partnerships or not), voluntary work especially during the event days (May 12-13 2012); contacts with other groups, institutions or individuals that might be interested in collaborate with us or have interesting experiences to share based in Love in Action, etc.

Miracles happen when we put love in action and it is those magical moments we want to live together in this event, feeling the diversity in unity!


Soon it will be available the event venue, the value of the energy exchange (you can pay in shares) and the bank account number.


If you feel yourself identified with this project, please contact us, sign up and disseminate the event!


We appreciate your support at any level.